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Mister Sparky

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Mister Sparky is proud that our reputation has been shaped by our professionalism and expert workmanship. We are known across the United States as the electrical company that focuses on complete

customer satisfaction.


Our team of licensed, certified electricians understand the sense of urgency of many electrical concerns. At the same time, we don’t skip steps in any part of the service.

 The result is electrical maintenance, repair, installations and emergency service that produces five star reviews.


Our Work

Mister Sparky helps with a wide range of electrical services, from safety to generators to lighting and more.

 Everything we do is up to code, and our installations are always properly installed. We respect your home and keep it clean.


Our Values

Professionalism, customer satisfaction and workmanship are Mister Sparky’s three biggest values,

but we also employ many other values when performing our quality electrical work. With every job, we keep in mind:


Address.8413 Laurel Fair Circle Suite 102 Tampa, FL 33610


Phone Number:  (844) 213-6880


Website. http://www.mistersparkyflorida.com


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  • เบอร์โทรศัพท์ : 1-844-213-6880
  • Email : Mistersparky12@mail.com

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